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PORTLAND, Ore., April 24, 2018 -- DX Share Life launches nonprofit patient-focused medical platform serving patient and families....

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PORTLAND, Ore., April 24, 2018 -- DX Share Life launches nonprofit patient-focused medical platform serving patient and families. DX Share Life allows patients and family members to create personalized crowdfunding sites that users can utilize to share stories, stay connected and raise funds to help offset medical expenses.

Created by a former Trauma Recovery Nurse, founder of DX Share Life has seen the effects and true life struggles that patients and families endure during medical trauma and diagnoses. In 2017 it became personal for the founder when her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

"My mom and the patients became my 'WHY,'" explains A. Cain. "I have watched these individuals walk through horrific diagnoses, facing challenges and hardship that no one person should ever have to face. I see these individuals no differently than you or me, it's just a matter of time before each and every one of us is touched by medical hardship.  Most of these diagnoses are just horrific, horrible misfortunes."

DX Share Life was created from the need to do more for the patient, to develop a continuum of care where patients have support, a means to additional finances to pay for crucial treatments, medical equipment, and to bring patients together worldwide. In describing its mission, DX Share Life believes: "Life is better together and together we are stronger," DX Share Life brings patients together through private and group chats with other patients and individuals. DX Share Life strives to bridge the gap so no one is alone in their journey, where no one has to fear tomorrow and no one person has to carry the burden and responsibility alone.

"I have seen an individual's life change in just a few seconds.  What an individual believed to be reality was no longer their life.  Studies show that patients best assimilate with others who are working through the same issues as they are," states Cain.

As a nonprofit, DX Share Life runs completely from donations, striving to fulfill a 2018 goal of $10 million where funds will be put towards helping patients and families offset medical expenses. "These individuals can absolutely create personal campaigns and crowdfund, however at the end of their campaign, life goes on and most of these patients will need continued financial support. The goal of this nonprofit is to bridge that gap, acting as a true nonprofit and supporting these individuals."

DX Share Life is created with multiple avenues for donations that will be put toward patient causes, including a store page with DX Share Life swag, a Gift site where individuals can purchase and send gifts to loved ones. The site also offers Telemedicine, which will provide 24-hour access to Medical Physicians who can treat, diagnosis and send prescriptions to patients' local pharmacies.

"DX Share Life was created with the patient at heart, serving the individual. My goal is to create a site that offers answers, community and hope for patients. I have never seen such strength and courage as I have from these individuals, they are my true heroes," explains Cain.

With the motto of improving the diagnosis and care of their members, DX Share Life focuses on all of a patient's needs; from professional guidance to moral and financial support.  The wonderful team of DX Share Life is making life easier for a large number of patients because they believe that life is better together and together we are stronger.

Please help this organization grow through nonprofit contributions and fundraising.

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